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Are you the owner or manager of a shop/spa/boutique/lobby/hotel? Do your customers love incredible scents and aromatherapy? Give them a choice of products with or without CBD – that they will love!

MONQ is the pioneer of the personal aromatherapy industry and creator of the portable aromatherapy diffuser. We blended ancient aromatherapy practices with modern technology -and revolutionized the way that our customers experience the benefits of essential oils. Now your customers can too!

Our pure essential oil blends are expertly designed to help users ‘Feel the Way They Want’. Each blend is handcrafted in small batches at our Nashville, Tennessee, headquarters and lab.

You can choose from our personal essential oil diffusers to our brand-new Spa Collection which includes bath soaks and easy to use roll-ons. We are proud to have served millions of customers and look forward to partnering with you!

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Partner Testimonials


“All of our customers really love it. I love it. I’ve never had an essential oil experience so invigorating.”

– Elyze Badewitz, Spa Haus Nashvile


“I’ve been a customer of Monq for several years and I’m so elated that they are now on Faire! Monq is an important part of my business and my clients love their products, Faire & Monq are a match made in heaven!”

– Ustawi Mind, Body, Spa


“We have been carrying the MONQ disposable line in our shop for over a year. It’s quickly become one of the more intriguing products that customers inquire to learn more about. Those who know about MONQ are a loyal customer base that enjoys trying new options as there are many to choose from.”

-Ariel Adler, Elevated


I have been carrying MONQ in my retail store since 2016 and my customers love it!  I love that MONQ, LLC refers people to my store here in Colorado Springs to buy their products too, it really helps us little guys when the parent company sends business our way.  Rea has been my retail specialist for a few years now I think and I can only say that she is wonderful! I’m pretty old school and I enjoy the relationship that has developed.  I don’t just feel like a dollar sign to a big company…thank you for that…I think I’m gonna need a bigger display!

-Debbi Alberto, Solasta Wellness Center

MONQ essential oils blends are life-changing! Aromatherapy is reinvented in a smart blend which matches our modern lifestyle and helps us balance the way we feel. There’s a blend for every situation!
And on top of that, the service is always perfect! They’re adorable, efficient and helpful.
We’re so glad to bring the MONQ products in France!

-Juliette Deprez, Airstick


We are excited to have MONQ join us as a retail partner for our Massage Heights location. Their innovative products, marketing and support team have already proven to be beneficial to our franchise system and we are looking forward to even more success in the future.

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