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Personal Log
Changing Gears in 2013: The In-House to Agency Transition
January 14, 2013
An offer received. A contract signed. The move inevitable. Time to let the cat out of the bag. Over two and a half years ago I made an invaluable decision to accept an in-house position with the Keane Insurance Group. At the end of January I will be stepping down as Keane’s web and SEO manager and […]
Tweets from the Mind of Bill Slawski
January 4, 2013
This is a quick collection of Bill Slawski’s tweets from January 5, 2013. Almost all of these should be located on every SEOs audit checklist. I thought a single blog post would be an excellent point of reference for all to enjoy them. Myself and a few others thoroughly enjoyed going back and reading these. No […]
What Your ‘X Taught Me About Y’ Post Actually Taught Me
November 21, 2012
Simple. Absolutely nothing. Seriously, absolutely nothing at all. True story. It would be safe to assume that most of you reading this post have certainly witnessed or read these perversions in journalism recently. If you have not, then you obviously have been hiding under the proverbial rock. These posts have spread like wildfire in the past year and […]
Whatever Else
A Long Awaited Journey’s End; A New Beginning
November 5, 2012
While the title of my introductory post might seem a bit dramatic, the descriptive words suit the purpose. It has been a long awaited journey, for me at least. I’m sure most of you read that and said to yourselves “Speak for yourself there buddy”. The Journey. I set out to build this website nearly 4 years […]